Welcome FSLI Cohort 12 Fellows

Hello Cohort 12 Fellows!  You will be the first participants of our new blog.  We are going to use this blog for your discussions about the FSLI Encore Meeting, November 10, 2018.  Mike Yoder summarized the thoughts from our first call.

In Academia We Trust?

Skepticism regarding the reliability of research results, higher education’s commitment to inclusion, and the meaning of “free speech,” has university administrators losing sleep.   Declining faith in higher education should concern all of us.   Are these issues unique to the institution or signs of societal dysfunction in general?  How do we address these issues, re-establish faith in the institution and help move society in a positive direction?

These are the issues and questions we are proposing for the 2018 Encore program.  What are your thoughts?  Is this a worthy topic and who should we approach as speakers?  We covet your timely feedback so that we can proceed with the planning process.  Please provide any feedback by February 12, 2018..